Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing

Core Competencies: Our Foundational Offerings

Our team at the Arora Project has an industry agnostic 250+ step crowdfunding check-list to ensure your campaign gets it’s best shot at success. We are a full service crowdfunding campaign management agency here to help you meet and exceed your goals

Global PR Campaign

With our Grammy & Emmy award winning PR team, bring your product to the global stage. We are dedicated to the preparation, management, and execution of individualized global public relations campaigns to maximize your business’ visibility. Our methods are proven to achieve and exceed crowdfunding goals.

Stunning content and design strategy

We create custom designs and striking content messaging for each of our campaign pages, with an emphasis on originality. Our success across a plethora of industries is rooted in our outright rejection of cookie-cutter strategies & designs, in favor of customization & individuality.

Customized Campaign Approach

Get solutions as unique as you are. We recognize that no two businesses are created equal. Our diversified team, which has worked successfully with businesses from a wide variety of industries, is prepared to deliver the distinct brand-building strategy required for your product, your team, and your market.

Data-Driven Decisions

Analytical decision making is at the core of who we are. Believe in the power of numbers. We are demystifying the crowdfunding world by leveraging proper, industry-leading data analysis tools and techniques on your live campaign. Every step of the way, our decisions are based on hard facts and industry research.


Total Funds Raised




Backers Acquired


Campaigns 6 figures and Above

Proven Crowdfunding Success

Imagine the possibilities. See the proof of our methods in some of our previous campaigns that span across diverse industries and varied price points. From technology and fashion to design and food, our extensive knowledge of the crowdfunding conversion funnel has delivered expectation-exceeding results every time.

What our previous campaigns are saying

With a 100% satisfaction rate, see what all the hype is about and what our previous clients have to say about us.

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Alex Wesley
Alex Wesley
Co-founder at Arovia, Inc

"Krishan and Arora Project were key to the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Him and his team have the background, expertise, connections, and wisdom to build your campaign to success, assuming you have a project that resonates with the crowdfunding community. Arora Project provides high value across pre-campaign, campaign assets, campaign strategy, and PR. Going with Arora Project was a great decision for our team and I cannot recommend and Krishan and Arora Project more; especially if you, like our team, never executed on a crowdfunding campaign. There are many intricacies to successfully executing a campaign and Krishan will make sure those details do not go unnoticed. "

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - John Humphrey
John Humphrey
Founder & CEO at Greycork

"I would (and have already) without hesitation recommended Krishan to any friend considering a crowdfunding campaign. Krishan worked with us to understand our business, then helped to develop a tailor-fit strategy. We went on to raise $260k+ on Indiegogo in what was the largest furniture campaign ever listed on the platform at the time. Krishan is data-driven, hard working, smart, disciplined and creative. Aside from that, he has a huge heart and is insanely passionate about his work."

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Marc Todd
Marc Todd
Founder & CEO at Skreens

"I hired Krishan as the team leader of our kickstarter campaign and found him to be a remarkable leader who clearly understands the entire crowd-funding eco-system and its nuances. He was the driving force behind our Kickstarter’s huge success and put 110% effort into every aspect of it. He’s a consummate professional with a relentless attention for detail. He was able to use his experiences on previous campaign to provide great guidance and gain team consensus quickly as we went along. Krishan is someone that I would want on my team again."

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Michael Burtov
Michael Burtov
Founder & CEO at GeoOrbital

"Krishan and his team at the Arora Project helped prepare us for our first Kickstarter Campaign. Krishan is familiar with the internal mechanics of Kickstarter and with social media best practices that contribute to product crowdfunding success. We collaborated with the Arora Project on Facebook marketing strategies as well as creating a logistics back-end to our campaign. Krishan worked closely with our team throughout the campaign and contributed to our record-breaking Kickstarter launch."

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Mike Levine
Mike Levine
CEO at Pileated Pictures

"Krishan is a true professional and pleasure to work with. His guidance and perseverance running our campaign was admirable, providing strategic insights and ideas to propel us towards success! I highly recommend Krishan as part of your crowdfunding plans."

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Mike Salguera
Mike Salguero
Founder & CEO at ButcherBox

"Krishan is no-nonsense, super focused, dedicated to your success, and highly strategic in the world of crowdfunding. His help on ButcherBox was exactly what we needed to succeed! Highly recommended, would work with again."

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing

Who are we?

The first of its kind, The Arora Project is a full-service crowdfunding campaign management agency here to help you build a successful business from the first click. Our team’s extensive network and resources will be all you need to grow your emerging brand into a flourishing business. Our holistic, multi-faceted approach, made possible by our diversified team, has resulted in an exceptional service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our talented and vetted team members offer industry leading campaign management services and in specific cases also help our clients strategize order fulfillment by connecting you to the best supply chain partners for your product. We go above and beyond our competitors by putting you in touch with angel and venture capital investors, niche growth hacking/marketing agencies and also assist in talent acquisition via our extensive network to assure success beyond your live campaign goals.

Our Formula = Your Success

We believe in data-driven decision making, so here’s our data. Our track record speaks to a 100% success rate on the largest and most competitive crowdfunding platforms out there.

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Phase A

Phase A

Our team builds your campaign from the ground up. The preliminary phases of development start with A/B testing content, creating customized campaign and PR strategies, and more. From the start, our focus is on your business and your product to ensure that every aspect of the developing campaign is catered to your individual needs.

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Phase B

Phase B

Along with your input, we continuously work as a cohesive and refined unit that will bring your campaign to the next level. This stage is focused on data analysis and targeted decision making that will allow for real time adaptability and strategic pivoting. Each step brings your campaign closer to its full potential, gearing it up to meet and exceed your brand’s crowdfunding goals.

Arora Project - Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing - Phase C

Phase C

We guarantee your success beyond crowdfunding by providing your business with all the tools necessary for future growth. Using our team’s extensive network and experience, we assure proper community engagement, oversee order & survey collection, provide support in post campaign e-commerce, and much more.

Our numbers speak for themselves.

Our project acceptance rate is roughly 1 out of every 20 projects. When we run a campaign together, not only is your branding on the line, but so is ours. We are the only management agency for crowdfunding campaigns, since our formation, that has a 100% campaign success rate with 100% of our campaigns raising 6 figures and above. This is primarily due to our meticulous attention to detail when it comes to partnering with potential campaigns and assessing their “crowdfundability”. We not only have strong relationships with our previous clients but we also have very strong relationships with Kickstarter HQ and Indiegogo HQ as well.
Our project acceptance rate 0
Client satisfaction rate 0
Campaigns featured on Kickstarter & Indiegogo 0
Campaigns that raised 6 figures and above 0

The Secret Behind Our Success

Our expert team possesses the industry experience and expansive network that will bring your campaign to its true potential. With a singular focus in mind and a plethora of resources available at our fingertips, we possess all the core competencies necessary to successfully build and manage your crowdfunding campaign.



CEO & Founder

Harvard grad, digital marketer, Thai food fanatic, TEDx organizer



Public Relations

Grammy and Emmy award winning publicist, Boston Native




Sees colors and hears music. Left brain magician. Creator of art



VP of Ops

Excel sheet wizard. Time keeper. Mother. Chef of all things Italian




Harvard grad, web enthusiast. Perfectionist. Japanese culture lover. World traveler




Designer of Motion Graphics, Campaign Layouts and 3D Artwork. Sushi Gourmand

Come create with us

“We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.”

– Earl Nightingale