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Crowdfunding Campaign Management

We are the ONLY agency globally listed as “Experts” on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 100% campaign success rate.

Token Distribution Events (ICO)

Our proven community activation and monetization strategies will ensure that your token offering is a success.

Social Media Advertising

Through our proprietary data visualization tool that plugs into our paid advertising efforts, we are able to offer 3X - 8X ROAS.

Content Creation

Our experienced graphic design team can create high quality content that complements your brand and converts well.

Website Design

We create websites that are optimized to convert. Mobile first. Plain and simple.

Social Media Management

Let us manage your social media presence and help increase your customer engagement, online reviews & much more.

Lead Generation + Email Marketing

We'll help you create an email community of interested, high quality leads that will be actively engaged with your brand online.

E-commerce Funnel Optimization

We’ll significantly increase your conversion rates and decrease your drop-off rate, leaving you with lower CAC’s and higher LTV’s.

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What our partners are saying

Arora Project was key to the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Arora Project provides high value across pre-campaign, campaign assets, campaign strategy, and PR. Going with Arora Project was a great decision for our team!

Alex Wesley

Co-founder at Arovia, Inc

I would (& have already) without hesitation recommended Arora to any friend considering a crowdfunding campaign. Arora worked with us to develop a tailor-fit strategy. They are data-driven, hard working, smart, disciplined and creative.

John Humphrey

Founder & CEO at Greycork

I found Arora Project to be remarkable leaders who clearly understands the entire crowd-funding eco-system and its nuances. They were the driving force behind our Kickstarter’s huge success and put 110% effort into every aspect of it.

Marc Todd

Founder & CEO at Skreens

Arora Project was great in preparing us for our Kickstarter Campaign! Very knowledgeable about social media marketing. Together we had a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign & it would not have happened without the Arora Project.

Michael Burtov

Founder & CEO at GeoOrbital

Arora are true professionals & pleasure to work with. Their guidance & perseverance running our campaign was admirable, providing strategic insights & ideas to propel us towards success! I highly recommend as part of your crowdfunding plans.

Mike Levine

CEO at Pileated Pictures

Arora Project is no-nonsense, super focused, dedicated to your success, and highly strategic in the world of crowdfunding. Their help on ButcherBox was exactly what we needed to succeed! Highly recommended, would work with again.

Mike Salguero

Founder & CEO at ButcherBox

Arora Project Team has gone above and beyond to make it possible for the Reviv Blanket to achieve great success for our first campaign on Kickstarter. We highly recommend Arora Project to anyone that is serious to take their dreams to new heights and exceed expectations.

Nick Bennett

Founder & CEO at Reviv

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Meet Arora Project

Meet the team that's raised $50 million+ for ventures around the globe.

Published on March 27, 2020

Arora Project has been featured in Bloomberg.

Watch our CEO, Krishan Arora, give his insights on Education and the Creative Funding Craze

Published on Nov 12, 2018