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SEC Increases Regulation Crowdfunding Max to $5M

Published on Nov 2, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

In a groundbreaking move today, the SEC voted 3-2 to approve an unprecedented increase to the Regulation Crowdfunding maximum—taking the... Read More

Could Having 1,000s of Shareholders Actually be a Good Thing?

Published on Oct 28, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

Equity crowdfunding is expected to overtake venture capital as the largest source of startup funding by 2020 ($36 billion). For... Read More

Hoping to Invest More In Equity Crowdfunding? The SEC Just Changed the Rules

Published on Sep 3, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

If you’ve spent time in the equity crowdfunding game, you may have noticed that you need to become an accredited... Read More

Arora Project Named a Top 3 Fastest Growing Company

Published on Aug 31, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

The Arora Project has officially been recognized as the Third Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company in South Florida by the... Read More

How to Choose the Right Rewards for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Published on Jul 23, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

So you’re launching a new crowdfunding campaign, and you’re not sure how to reward your backers? Read on for five... Read More

Contiq Breaks $1M on SeedInvest

Published on Jun 29, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

Contiq, the innovative company behind an AI-powered buyer intelligence platform helping B2B sellers win deals faster, is making headlines and... Read More

$1 Million in 1 Week: Behind the Scenes on the Rentberry Raise

Published on Jun 3, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

What do you get when you combine an innovative rentals platform with a top-notch team and a modest crowdfunding goal?... Read More

Wefunder Guidelines for Text Length and Image Size

Published on May 5, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

Planning an equity crowdfunding campaign? When preparing your copy and design elements, you’ll need to keep in mind the platform’s... Read More

View From the Top: How One EdTech Startup Raised $1M+ on Wefunder

Published on May 1, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

Equity crowdfunding is like taking a step into the great unknown. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s never been done... Read More

5 Signs You’re Overselling

Published on Apr 24, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

Ever wondered if your sales strategy is the reason why your products aren’t selling? Sure, it seems paradoxical — but... Read More