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5 Ways You Can Use Instagram Stories To Promote Your Startup.

  • July 22, 2019
  • 4 min read

Prior to launching a new business or crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to make sure you have support. Building up social media is just one of the many ways we recommend new ventures get started. Instagram has become an awesome tool for building your brand and engaging with your community. Stories are a big part of that. Stories differ from your main feed because they are only up for a limited amount of time. These fleeting gems are a goldmine for engagement and growth. 500 million people tap through stories every day, and 1/3 of the highest engaging stories come from business accounts! 69% of people who use stories said that stories are a great way to get to know brands and services! Wanting to get in on that engagement is a no brainer. Invest some time into your IG story strategy to entertain your audience, capture new followers, and boost your engagement. 

Keep reading for our top 5 Instagram Story tips and tricks!

#1. Tag your location in your Instagram story

Using the location tag has multiple benefits. First off, if you have a physical location it can draw potential customers to you. This tool offers the opportunity to leverage your digital marketing efforts to boost in-store sales. Another benefit is that anyone searching the location you tag will be able to view your story too. This can expose your business to new audiences and boost your engagement.

#2. Use the countdown sticker liberally in your Instagram stories before your launch.   

What is the countdown sticker and why would I want to use that? The countdown sticker is an Instagram tool that allows you to set a date and name it. Once you post your countdown to your story, your followers can set reminders for when it ends and repost it to their own stories! The countdown sticker is an essential tool for building up hype before your crowdfunding launch.          

#3. Use relevant hashtags in EVERY Instagram story. #Not#Like#THIS!                 

You and every other marketing whiz are sick of hearing about hashtags, but they can be a great tool for discovery. The key is to avoid hashtags that have been used 100K+ times and to stick to ones that are more niche so your post won’t get lost in the shuffle. You can even hide your #’s behind GIFs, stickers and more if you don’t like the look of them.    

#4. Use video in your Instagram story!   

Stop being afraid of the camera! You can use pre-recorded video or go live. You already know that live video is gold for crowdfunding–it’s the perfect way to show off prototypes, introduce your team, answer questions from potential backers, and establish your expertise. Go live on launch day, or at a cool event, or just to show off product samples.

#5. Get interactive in as many Instagram stories as possible!                                       

Use the questions feature to get product feedback, ideas, engagement, and more.                                

Some ideas for your first question story:                 
-Tell us your favorite way to wear our product!
-Ask our CEO anything  ??  
-What colors do you want to see in our next edition? ? 

Or take the time to plan out fun quizzes and games. You can follow @AroraProject to join along for weekly quizzes. We aim to post a quiz every Thursday! We use built-in Instagram features including the quiz option, the poll sticker, the slider, and more to create interactive quizzes for our followers! 

Bonus Instagram stories tip.

When you get to 10K followers, Instagram allows you to add links to your stories! We recommend linking to your lead page, relevant blog posts, and any content that you think your audience would enjoy. 

Ready to tackle your Instagram strategy with a dedicated team by your side? Look no further, Arora Project has you covered.

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