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Contiq Breaks $1M on SeedInvest

  • June 29, 2020
  • 2 min read

Contiq, the innovative company behind an AI-powered buyer intelligence platform helping B2B sellers win deals faster, is making headlines and drawing VC attention for recently surpassing the $1M mark on SeedInvest. Here’s how they did it:  

Setting the Stage for Success

Contiq began their crowdfunding journey primed for success by combining two key elements investors look for:

#1: A team with a meaningful experience

#2: An innovative product in a market ripe for disruption

In Contiq’s case, the team came to the table with extensive AI-focused expertise and a history of working with major innovators like Microsoft. Equally importantly, they had a unique value proposition and major deals already secured with VMware and Deloitte in an $8B TAM. 

Scaling to $1M

To secure traction for the Seedinvest campaign, Contiq partnered with the Arora Project to launch targeted Facebook ads and secure inside access to investor networks. This resulted in ROAS of 13.9 and key campaign exposure. As Arun, CEO of Contiq puts it: 

“The Arora team has been a great partner in helping achieve our fundraising goals, and I look forward to collaborating with them further.” 

Accelerating into the Future

By successfully raising over $1 million via Seedinvest, Contiq has set the stage for exponential growth. A profitable equity crowdfunding campaign demonstrates market validation to future investors while generating press buzz and early name recognition. In short, the horizon is bright for Contiq!

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