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What’s next in social media advertising? Industry experts weigh in.

  • November 7, 2018
  • 3 min read

Social media advertising can be a real goldmine for companies looking to market their products. It’s a constantly growing market, with new features being developed all the time. In fact, over 1 million people joined social media sites each day last year. Opportunities for social media advertising are constantly shifting and expanding, so to stay ahead of the competition it’s important to build a comprehensive 2019 social media advertising strategy. Here are 4 trends to help you get started:

1. Social media advertising meets bite-size video 

The way consumers engage with video content is changing. Video content will only increase in use, but it will also undergo a shift in size. “Bite-size” or “snack-size” content is the latest way to connect with potential consumers. These mini ads need to be 10 seconds or less to ensure the maximum amount of users view the content. According to Hootsuite’s report on Gen Z, marketers have about 8 seconds to reach a teen before they keep scrolling. So videos should deliver early impact and content should be packaged in bite-sized formats. Short ads with clear and engaging messaging are an effective way to connect with potential customers on social media.

2. Chatbots are the new customer service standard

Customer service is shifting towards chatbots. Chatbots offer a few advantages, including 24/7 customer service and the ability to communicate with customers en masse. Chatbots can help consumers ask questions, process payments, track orders, and more. Automated messages sent using chatbots are low cost and can even be free. Facebook advertising through messenger has a click-through rate of 80%, which means a single message sent from a chatbot has the potential to entice 80% of your targeted consumers to click your website link. 

3. Social media advertising is about to get personal

Customers want personalized ads. According to invesp, 53% of online shoppers think that companies that provide personalized experiences offer a valuable service. Millennial and Gen Z shoppers know that companies have the resources to create personalized ads and expect to be catered to. The personalized approach can be particularly important for Facebook advertising. Facebook’s 2.23 billion monthly active users are a marketing dream come true and personalized ads can help your company reach every possible customer. This personalized approach appeals to customers and encourages brand loyalty.

4. Smarter influencer marketing 

Brands will be shifting to smarter partnerships for social media advertising. Contracting influencers to spread brand awareness is not new, but the way brands are deciding whom to partner with is changing. Companies now have the luxury of breaking down an influencer’s audience demographics and engagement data before considering a partnership. This is essential because brands need to build long-term partnerships with influencers to create genuine content that encourages consumers to engage with their products. Brands and influencers need to work together to accommodate the reality that consumers know influencers are being paid to sell them a product. The key is to build partnerships with reliable content creators who have an audience that includes your target consumers.

What social media advertising trends will you be picking up for 2019?

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