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Beat The Mid-Launch Crowdfunding Campaign Slump & Boost Engagement With Three Essential Tips.

  • April 19, 2019
  • 2 min read

Looking to boost your crowdfunding campaign backers? You need to know about backer communities.

A few weeks into your crowdfunding campaign you may notice the hype dying down. You get less traffic and your rate of collecting backers may stall to a complete standstill. You know you have an awesome product that people are excited about, but now yours isn’t the newest campaign you’re struggling to get eyes on it.

What can you do? First step: Don’t panic–your crowdfunding campaign is not doomed yet. Second step: Read our tips for maximizing your outreach and growing your campaign backers!

Reach out to backer communities.

Active early adopter communities like BackerLand are the ultimate place to market your campaign. These backer communities are very active, which is great for ongoing campaigns or campaigns that are close to concluding. Don’t discount the value of marketing your crowdfunding campaign to an established community that is focused on crowdfunding.

Update your crowdfunding campaign backers + anyone on your email list!

Your campaign progress may be slowing down, but your backers are excited for your product to be a part of their lives! Let them know exactly what is going on with a video or social media post they can share. Showcase team members, cool product features, and remember to thank those who have already donated. Ask your backers to invite their friends and family to support the campaign.

Revamp your crowdfunding campaign rewards.

Updating your rewards is a great way to bring in new potential backers. First make sure your crowdfunding campaign has several rewards tiers for different budget levels and an option to donate any amount without claiming a reward. Having varied rewards is the best way to make sure anyone can contribute to your campaign.

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