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Wefunder Guidelines for Text Length and Image Size

Published on May 5, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

Planning an equity crowdfunding campaign? When preparing your copy and design elements, you’ll need to keep in mind the platform’s unique requirements for text length and image size. 

Here’s a list of all the text length and image size requirements you’ll want to know benchmark when creating a Wefunder campaign page

Tagline: 80 characters

What Your Business Does: 500 characters or less

Your Vision for the Future: 500 characters or less

Impressive Facts: Aim for 5-10 attention-grabbing bullet points

Quotes: Aim for 2-3 sentences in length

Story Blocks: Aim to keep text segments to 5 lines or less (break up with spaces and images).

Pitch Deck: No limit on pitch deck’s length, you’ll include this as an attachment. PPTX recommended.

Header Image: 2500X900 Pixels

Media Video/Photo: 16X9 aspect ratio

Card Image: 600 X 600 (This is the image that will show up on Wefunder’s “Explore” page).

Press Source Logos: 2X1 aspect ratio

Keep these guidelines on hand when creating your page and you’ll be off to a good start. If you initiate your page and start feeling out of your depth, we suggest applying to work with the Arora Project for a complete campaign design and marketing package. 

Last but not least good luck in your equity crowdfunding venture!

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