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ThisWay Global: Why their Work Matters, and How the Arora Project Helped This HR Tech Startup Raise Over $1.5 Million

  • April 23, 2021
  • 4 min read

Backed by Amazon and currently onboarding 3,140 customers, the Arora Project helped ThisWay raise $1,596,330. How did we do it, who exactly are they, and why is their work so important?

A Wildly Successful Global Campaign

ThisWay Global helps recruiters find talented, diverse applicants by removing 500 biases from the candidate matching process. In seconds, their fully integrable platform matches all candidates to all jobs, and ranks applicants according to the best fit.

When we first started working with ThisWay Global in the summer of 2020, we already saw big things on the horizon for this awesome campaign and innovative HR Tech company. And we were right.

Our team ran a full-scale Wefunder campaign, and within a week of launching, ThisWay raised $1,070,000 from 1,191 investors—on a $100,000 goal. To date, they’ve raised $1,596,330.

To achieve this goal, ThisWay Global worked with our team over the course of several months to optimize everything from launch strategy to campaign messaging. The campaign quickly gained traction and generated through-the-roof ROAS of up to 700%.

In addition to orchestrating their launch on Wefunder, we also helped them establish essential investor connections that would prove vital to their successful future.

After we helped them raise nearly $1.6M from investors from every state in the US and 58 countries on Wefunder, ThisWay went on to do amazing things.

This HR Tech company created the Career Companion App to provide 30+ million people on their new post-pandemic job journey.

Currently, ThisWay is seeing a tripling in sales AND in size of their marketing team in the second quarter of 2021, as well as a recent intense company growth of 489%. Recently, they’ve added both a new Chief Revenue Officer and new Head of Enterprise Sales to the team. Both are veterans of both the HR Tech industry and the US military.

ThisWay Global Removes Bias in Recruiting

ThisWay provides an unprecedented way to remove biases in the job recruiting process. Why is this so important?

Humans are inherently biased. We all have what’s called unconscious biases or implicit biases. These are the underlying attitudes and stereotypes that people unknowingly attribute to other people. In recruitment, an area in particular where these biases easily surface is the resume review process.

With artificial intelligence, we have had the opportunity to reduce the influence of bias in recruiting and hiring—in theory… In reality, however, AI—because it is an extension of us—is inherently biased too. In fact, the way AI surfaces job candidates can actually add bias to the process.

For example, if your first few hires for a role all happened to be white men in their mid-twenties, the AI will assume that this profile is the best candidate for this particular role. It will keep bringing this profile to the surface when weeding out candidates, thus perpetuating the bias.

Through trial and error, ThisWay Global found that the best way to reduce bias is to add more factors to the equation. Their algorithm hides all the characteristics that are especially vulnerable to bias and at the same time ultimately irrelevant to the job, like gender, age, and name. Instead, it adds factors that go beyond a candidate’s education and experience and are ultimately important to the wellbeing and success in a position, such as interests, skills, and passions.

ThisWay also considered a fundamental factor: there are candidates that are a good match for a company, but there are also companies that are a good match for candidates. And ones that aren’t.

This holistic, comprehensive approach is part of what makes ThisWay’s AI software so unique. It goes beyond words to match companies with the right candidates and vice versa—all without bias.

We truly believe that this technology will make recruitment less biased, more fair and more equitable. And ultimately, it will serve to progress humanity.

At the Arora Project, we take immense pride in collaborating successfully with the next big companies of tomorrow. Together, we hold the power to make the world better in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.

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