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$1 Million in 1 Week: Behind the Scenes on the Rentberry Raise

Published on Jun 3, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

What do you get when you combine an innovative rentals platform with a top-notch team and a modest crowdfunding goal? A $1 million raise in less than one week. Here’s how the Rentberry team got there:

Setting the Stage for Success

As with most successful campaigns, Rentberry began their crowdfunding journey primed for success by combining two key elements investors look for:

#1: Established traction

#2: An innovative product in a market ripe for disruption

In Rentberry’s case, the team came to the table with more than 30 industry leading partnerships and 231,000 active users already established. On top of that, the company was thriving at a time when many others were losing traction — helped along the way by its position as a contact-free platform. Equally importantly, the platform offered a new “mousetrap” in a market ripe for disruption.

Getting the Ball Rolling 

Rentberry first launched to friends and family. This gave them a chance to test their messaging and prime investors before opening to the public. During this time, they were able to get the ball rolling and simultaneously fine-tune their pitch for the real launch.

Scaling to $1M

To scale the campaign’s growth, Rentberry partnered with the Arora Project to launch targeted Facebook ads and Initiate email drip campaigns. This process involved extensive A/B testing to effectively identify optimal conversion messaging.

Accelerating into the Future

By successfully raising over $1 million in just seven days, Rentberry has set the stage for exponential growth. A profitable equity crowdfunding campaign demonstrates market validation to future investors while generating press buzz and early name recognition. In short, the horizon is bright for Rentberry!

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