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Marketing During a Pandemic: How to Navigate COVID-19

Published on Mar 27, 2020 in Crowdfunding News

With businesses shuttering and the world economy teetering on the brink of a meltdown, COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented dilemma for digital marketers, but all is not lost. Far from it, in fact—with the right approach, you can still experience growth. Here’s our take on navigating the murky waters of pandemic marketing:

1- TALK to Your Community

We can’t emphasize this enough right now: Be human. You’re more than just a marketing machine; you’re part of a wider global community, and you’re uniquely positioned to make an impact. Where possible:

  • Share reliable information and updates from trusted sources.
  • Be understanding of client and customer hardships.
  • Help to stop the spread of disinformation.

Your community WILL remember this when the world returns to normal.

2-Reevaluate Your Value Adds

In a nation on lockdown, your value adds may have changed. Take a good, hard look at your product and reevaluate how it can offer value to people in the current climate. Can your product benefit people who are working from home? Can it benefit students who are being homeschooled? This may even be your opportunity to explore new markets.

3-Audit Your Content 

Look at ALL your active campaigns. Is the language appropriate for the current climate? Are you using appropriate images? For example, it may be a little tone-deaf to showcase your fashion product being modeled on a crowded street. 

4-Wash Your Hands and Stay Home!

Just do it. Nuff’ said.

5- Don’t Panic!

Last but not least, don’t panic! It isn’t all over for your business. In fact, quarantine orders have led to a massive surge in digital purchasing. If you can pivot accordingly, you’ll find yourself positioned for success. Happy marketing, and stay healthy. 

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