Over $100 Million raised and invested for innovative and disruptive companies via Reg CF, Reg D and Reg A offerings.


So you’ve created your world-changing product or problem-solving business, and now you’re thinking about crowdfunding to get production started? Choosing the best crowdfunding platform to host your campaign is essential to getting the funding you need, and it’s a LOT easier than trying your luck with VC funding or chasing angel investors. Which crowdfunding platforms […]

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If your crowdfunding campaign is failing, you might be tempted to call it quits. And it’s undeniable that turning things around is going to be an uphill climb if your first 48 hours were flop. But it’s not over yet! With these tips, your golden number may still be within reach. Pay Attention to Your […]

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Crowdfunding backers have helped many entrepreneurs successfully launch their business idea, generating in excess of $34 Billion total funds. The power of the crowdfunding platform makes it a consideration for all entrepreneurs looking to launch a product. But, because nearly every entrepreneur is considering crowdfunding, the competition is more fierce than ever. To be successful […]

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